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Bob Jones University Bob Jones University's Cooking School is the perfect place to learn the basics of cooking, with delicious recipes and helpful instructors that make it a fun learning experience!

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Bob Jones University


Bob Jones University offers a range of cooking education courses to help aspiring chefs learn the fundamentals of cooking. The university provides students with basic and advanced culinary techniques, which are essential for becoming a successful professional chef. Instruction encompasses all aspects of culinary arts, including baking, butchery, and menu planning. The courses are complemented by internships and practical experience in restaurants, cafes and other food service establishments.

In the basic level classes, students learn the fundamentals of cooking, from proper food safety and sanitation to knife skills and meal planning. Students also gain an understanding of how to select the freshest and best quality ingredients. In more advanced classes, students focus on honing their skills in patisserie, charcuterie, plating, food presentation, menu design, restaurant management, catering and more.

At Bob Jones University, dedicated faculty impart comprehensive knowledge of cooking theory, as well as hands-on learning in the kitchen with valuable insights into the business side of the industry. The university prepares students for a professional career with internships and mentoring opportunities, helping them gain real-world experience before graduation. Culinary experts are also invited to lecture, so that students can get a deeper understanding of the profession.

The curriculum at Bob Jones University is designed to equip aspiring chefs with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make it in the exciting world of food. Through its tailored cooking education courses, the university enables its students to develop a firm foundation of culinary expertise, taking them one step closer to achieving their dreams of becoming a successful professional chef.