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St. Joseph's University-New York Learn delicious recipes and explore classic culinary techniques at St. Joseph's University-New York's cooking school!

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St. Joseph's University-New York


St. Joseph's University in New York offers an extensive range of culinary arts and hospitality degrees to help students attain top positions in the hospitality and food industry. With a variety of classes and experienced faculty, St. Joseph's provides an outstanding foundation for those looking to pursue a career in the food industry. Their diverse selection of courses provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful in this rapidly growing field.

From fundamental cooking and baking courses to more advanced topics such as food safety, sanitation, and menu planning, students will obtain the essential skills to excel in the culinary industry. The university also offers specialized courses such as catering and event planning, bartending, wine service, dining room service, and customer service, which are geared towards preparing students for management opportunities.

Students at St. Joseph's have access to state of the art facilities, including labs and kitchens to practice their craft. Specialized equipment, such as mixers and blenders, are all provided, allowing the student to gain real-world experience. The university also hosts guest lectures and special events, such as wine tastings, cooking competitions, and food expos to keep up with the ever-changing trends in food and hospitality.

Not only does St. Joseph's offer world-class culinary education, but their educated and experienced faculty are dedicated to helping the student reach their highest potential. With access to some of the industry's best resources, graduates of St. Joseph's can enter the competitive world of the hospitality industry with confidence.