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University of Michigan-Ann Arbor The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor offers a wide variety of cooking classes for beginners to experienced chefs in its renowned cooking school.

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University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


Cooking education at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is unparalleled in the nation. With a world-renowned faculty and an expansive array of degree programs, students are exposed to the fundamentals of cooking cultures, advanced techniques, and nutrition science in an extraordinary setting.

The School of Public Health offers a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science that provides an overview of food production, preparation, nutrition science, and public health with courses like Nutritional Sciences I and II, Food Engineering, and more. Masters programs in both Nutrition and Food Science offer tracks such as Culinary Arts and Applied Nutrition, while doctoral students can pursue a PhD focused on Nutrition and Food Science.

The Culinary Science Program provides students with the science and techniques of cooking necessary for success in professional kitchens, bakeries, and catering businesses. Courses cover everything from the fundamentals of baking to topics like butchery and charcuterie. A laboratory component allows students to gain practical experience under the tutelage of experienced chefs.

The School of Kinesiology’s Hospitality Management program allows undergraduate and graduate students to learn about management skills in areas of the food service and hospitality industry such as restaurant management, catering, and operations. Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships and lab classes in a variety of settings.

For those looking to explore the nuances of cooking on a global scale, the Global Food System Certificate Program offers courses such as International Food & Culture, Sustainable Agriculture and Global Food Security, and Community Entrepreneurship & Food System Advocacy.

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor provides its students with a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in cooking education within a highly respected and qualified institution. With an emphasis on practical experience, students have the resources to excel in their professional and personal pursuits in the culinary and hospitality industry.