Oakwood University

Oakwood University Oakwood University offers a comprehensive range of cooking classes to help students gain valuable knowledge and skills in the culinary field.

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Oakwood University


Oakwood University is a historically black university located in Huntsville, Alabama. The school offers an extensive selection of programs related to culinary arts, with many of its courses designed to provide students with an in-depth education in food culture and nutrition. Students have the opportunity to gain essential skills for a successful career in hospitality, including cooking techniques, flavors and trends, and food service management.

The unique curriculum at Oakwood University helps students develop a comprehensive foundation in cooking, as well as an understanding of both the cultural and business aspects of the industry. Through hands-on training in the classroom and in the kitchen, students receive the knowledge and experience necessary to excel in the field. Whether students choose to pursue a degree or certificate in culinary arts, they can attain a level of expertise that will help them stand out among peers and excel in their chosen profession.

In addition to teaching the basics of cooking, Oakwood University provides students with an in-depth exploration of menu planning, recipe development, and restaurant operations. Through the various courses offered, students are able to train under experienced chefs, learn ethics and responsible sourcing, gain practical skills, and develop problem-solving abilities. These courses also emphasize the importance of sustainability, health, and nutrition.

Oakwood University’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for a successful career in the culinary field. With coursework tailored to the local market, students receive the necessary education and hands-on training to become successful chefs, cooks, or catering managers. The university’s commitment to providing students with up-to-date resources and a comprehensive education in food culture and nutrition makes Oakwood University an ideal choice for those looking to kickstart a culinary career.