Samford University

Samford University Samford University's renowned cooking school offers aspiring chefs a wide range of courses to hone their culinary skills and become top-notch professionals.

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Samford University


Samford University offers a wide range of cooking education opportunities for students eager to pursue their culinary dreams. With expert faculty and an extensive range of courses, Samford University stands out among other universities when it comes to teaching cooking.

From courses in classic cuisine and plating techniques, to classes in nutrition and food science, Samford University offers a comprehensive education in the art and science of cooking. These courses are taught by experienced professionals with real-world experience in the field, allowing students to have a better understanding of the culinary arts. With such courses, Samford University is dedicated to providing its students with the best in culinary education.

The school also offers special programs such as the Samford University Food Science Internship which give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the culinary arts, as well as more specialized studies. These internships offer students the chance to explore different aspects of the food industry, from nutrition and food safety to product development and branding. Such opportunities allow students to hone their skills and apply them to the professional world.

Samford University’s commitment to cooking education reaches far beyond the classroom. The school sponsors several student organizations, such as a Collegiate Chapter of the American Culinary Federation, which help foster interaction between students and experienced chefs. Additionally, Samford University's Career Services Center provides resources and advice to help students explore a variety of career options within the culinary arts.

At Samford University, cooking education is taken seriously. By offering quality courses and allowing students the chance to be involved through internships and organizations, Samford University is at the forefront of preparing the next generation of culinary professionals.