Saint Cloud State University

Saint Cloud State University Saint Cloud State University offers an excellent cooking school for aspiring chefs, providing an educational foundation for a successful culinary career through top-notch professional instruction and hands-on learning.

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Saint Cloud State University


Saint Cloud State University offers a unique and comprehensive education in cooking and culinary arts. The hands-on program includes topics such as nutrition, sanitation, food safety, and visual presentations. Students will gain an understanding of the basic principles of cooking, knife skills, and the management of a kitchen. In addition, they will learn about presentation and technical skills for plating and garnishing dishes. With this degree, students can become professional chefs, develop their own recipe book and catering business, or pursue a career as a culinarian.

The curriculum focuses on traditional and contemporary techniques from around the world, enabling students to be creative and innovative. From preparing a variety of recipes for a dinner party to creating a restaurant menu, Saint Cloud State University provides the necessary resources to become successful in the culinary industry. In addition, students benefit from learning the fundamentals of nutrition and practical diet counseling, which assists them in designing menu options and making healthier eating choices. The university also prepares students for the opportunities within the field by providing courses in customer service and business principles.

At Saint Cloud State University, there is an emphasis on learning through experience. Students can gain hands-on experience through internships, where they can apply their knowledge and develop their skills with guidance from experienced professionals. Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to meet with celebrated chefs, participate in competitions and demonstrations, and take part in national culinary programs. With its renowned faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, Saint Cloud State University offers the perfect environment to learn the craft of cooking.