Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft College offers a comprehensive cooking school for aspiring chefs to hone their skills and expand their culinary knowledge.

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Schoolcraft College


Schoolcraft College is among the top schools in the nation for Cooking Education. With its extensive programs and renowned faculty, Schoolcraft provides an excellent platform for aspiring chefs to learn the culinary arts and hone their skills in the kitchen.

The college offers an Associate’s in Culinary Arts degree, as well as individual courses from Beginning Cooking to Advanced Cuisine. Students also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through various externships and on-campus employment.

The Associate’s program covers topics such as nutrition, food safety and sanitation, global cuisines, baking and pastry fundamentals, and food production management. In addition, students take part in nutrition lab, kitchen labs, and research experiences.

Schoolcraft also has a cutting-edge culinary facility that allows students to train in professional-grade equipment and under the guidance of renowned chef instructors. Chef instructors at Schoolcraft have years of experience working in high-end restaurants and hotels, ensuring students receive the best possible instruction and mentorship.

Moreover, Schoolcraft’s culinary facilities offer internships and job placement services, connecting graduates with potential employers. This ensures that Cookery Education students can find meaningful work after graduating.

Overall, Schoolcraft College offers an excellent opportunity for aspiring chefs to learn the craft of cooking and gain hands-on experience in the field. With its renowned faculty, advanced facilities, and comprehensive program, Schoolcraft's Cooking Education has become one of the most sought-after programs in the nation.